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Ya F#cked It

Nov 30, 2017

Six tells Shaner about his Thanksgiving night fighting with day laborers at a bar. Shaner talks about how being a good samaritan is really just a pain in the ass. Then they both exchange stories about horrible dogs they've dealt with over the years.


Nov 29, 2017

Six & Shaner are joined by their first guest, Trey Galyon (Doug Loves Movies) to talk about the bizarre story surrounding one of his dad's past lovers. Six defends himself against the made-up story Shaner is trying to sell about meeting up at 11 AM. 


Nov 16, 2017

The boys continue their talk about the newest celebrities being exposed. Autoerotic deaths by male and female stars. Six tries to convince Shaner about a new breed of animal he saw on Planet Earth.

Nov 10, 2017

In this episode, Six and Shaner discuss the newest Hollywood pederass. Shaner hits the wall and decides to get back on the wagon. The boys also discuss hidden dicks in pictures and come to the realization they're promoting a show that already happened.

Nov 2, 2017

The boys discuss Shaner's premier night as a wrestler, a local podcast that seems to have dark undertones. Also, Six tells Shaner about the frustrating shout out they got on a well-known show.