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Ya F#cked It

Oct 11, 2018

Shaner comes in hot and goes into his very detailed idea for a bar he wants to open in the future. Six discusses his feelings about having to give a eulogy. They reminisce about their favorite summer of stand up. Also, Six talks about his new enemy mongoloid Mike. This episode was also filmed, footage will be released...

Oct 4, 2018

Six discusses his 2 day hibernation and waking up with zuboz brain. Shaner gets recognized while humping bus trays. They also discuss some controversial audio that is trending online.

Sep 27, 2018

A jammed packed episode full of poop pranks, jacked trans wrestlers, and upcoming movies discussed. Listen up and learn sumthin 

Sep 22, 2018

Six brings up meeting David Cross. Then a bunch of horrible Comedy Central shows are discussed. Also, how funny it would be if public pools were ran by movies most notorious villains. Shaner details why Charles Manson was a pussy. 

Sep 10, 2018

Six & Shaner get into an in-depth, very educated discussion about dwarfism. Also, the controversial Vern Troyer sex scandal.